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What is MUSH!?

MUSH! dog trainers going the extra mile to provide personalized exercise and in-home care to dogs of all personalities. Services include scheduled and on-demand runs, walks, and check-ins, as well as in-home vacation sitting.

What makes MUSH! unique?

MUSH! offers fast, simplistic, on demand, and scheduled runs, walks, and in-home services without the risk!

MUSH! is the perfect match for every dog owner.  All of our trainers are tested, screened and vetted to meet MUSH! standards . Each MUSH! customer is required to meet their trainer prior to any services, through our complimentary meet-and-greet. This step helps us to gauge compatibility between the dog and the trainer. This is a very important step, as your pup needs to get to know and trust their trainers, it also helps us earn your trust as our customer.

Who will be taking care of my dog?

Certified MUSH! trainers and dog-lovers who are physically and intellectually trained to get your pup panting on a run or settling down on a nightly check-in. Each customer gets two trainers assigned to them (a primary and secondary trainer) to ensure you are covered at all times.

How do I use the on-demand service?

All MUSH! services require a meet-and-greet with a local trainer prior to booking any services in order to introduce your pup to its trainer and gauge compatibility. Then, once on file, all you have to do is give us a call and your trainer will come exercise or check in on your pup!

Will my dog be safe?

Your pup’s safety is our #1 priority. Each MUSH! trainer is carefully selected, screened, and tested for both physical and intellectual capability. All MUSH! trainers are professionals who take pride in their work so you can trust that your pup is in safe hands.

Will my dog be with other dogs?

No, your dog will have a private run or walk with your MUSH! trainer!

What if I have multiple dogs?
We can run or walk additional pack members for an additional $10 per dog for each dog in the household!
Should I choose a run or walk?

Scheduled runs will be best for healthy dogs with high energy, or dogs that have walked with MUSH! regularly and have increased exercise ability enough to slowly incorporate runs into their schedule. Walks are a great way for all dogs to experience the outdoors, stimulate their senses, and come home a happier pup!

During your meet-and-greet, your dog will be evaluated and your MUSH! trainer will help determine what is the best fit for your pup!

What if I'm not home?

At your first meet-and-greet with your MUSH! trainer, you will discuss home safety procedures and how you would like the trainer to pick up/drop off your pup while you are away. Your trainer will send you real-time photo updates of runs and walks, as well as a link for live GPS tracking.

Will the vacation sitter be staying in my home?

No, MUSH! offers travel packages that include multiple daily in-home check-ins, walks, and/or runs.  The trainer will not stay at your home. They will only arrive for the services selected in your package for the duration of the services selected. This way, you can feel safe knowing no one is sleeping in your bed!